Removedor de Verrugas

R$ 3,76
R$ 3,76
Removedor de marca de pele contra verrugas e verrugas genitais Remoção rápida; Verrugas anti-pé de milho removidas por Verrugas Papilomas Rapidamente remove verrugas
Dentro de 1-3 semanas de uso, manchas / verrugas caem da superfície da pele, deixando cicatrizes rosa / imperceptíveis. Qualquer tipo de verruga ou verruga, grande, pequena, velha, teimosa, no rosto e no corpo pode ser facilmente tratada com este produto.
Remove rapidamente manchas e marcas de pele
Fórmula natural de força máxima
Inodoro e sem dor
Heals fast; leaves no/pink scars
Non-greasy liquid, dries quickly, easy to apply
1. Please keep it clean during use and do not apply it to normal skin. If it is coated with water, it can be washed.
2, topical, applied to the surface, prohibited oral.
3, if the surface has a layer of hard skin, you can first remove the hard skin, do not repair too thin, do not repair bleeding is conducive to penetration.
4. When it is used to blacken and has a slight pain, stop using it. After it is crusted, it will fall off naturally. It usually takes three to five days.
5. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
6. This product is an emulsion. If it is stored for a long time, it will appear to be shaken before use.
7. If the black scorpion has not been retired for a while after the sputum, remove the black scorpion, and then continue to press
Ming medication until the black cockroach is withdrawn